EmmTee Productions has been in operation since 2004. We originally started in Cleveland, OH and have since moved our operations to Sugartown, LA. We currently serve the central Louisiana area. We provide entertainment solutions that will fit any budget. With over 25 years of live event production and other services in the music industry, we are able to deliver a high quality event for our clients.

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  • Live Sound Engineer

    We are certified Midas Engineers, and use Turbosound, ElectroVoice and Behringer speakers.

  • DJ

    We utilize Virtual DJ and Traktor to bring your event to life.

  • Recording / Mixing / Mastering

    We have multitrack recording, mixing and mastering capability using Logic and Studio One.


  • Lighting Programming

    We can program on most modern digital lighting systems for your event or show.

  • Stage Lighting Design

    We are able to design a light show for events big and small using 1 or 1000 fixtures!

  • LED / Intelligent Fixtures

    We utilize the newest technology in LED and intelligent fixtures to bring a modern touch.

Other Services

  • System Installation
  • System Integration
  • Training
  • Kramer K-Touch Certified Installer
  • Midas Certified Digital System Engineer
  • Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation
  • Video Editing
  • Band Graphics
  • Powerpoint Design


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